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Winery equipment

Willmes wine presses


Willmes based in Mannheim, Germany, invented the pneumatic wine press in 1951 and currently produce two types, the Merlin (1200-5100 litre) and the CIVC-approved Sigma (3-34 tonne).  


The much-copied Tank press with longitudinal juice channels was superceded in 2004 by the Sigma press, which like the Merlin range has central-vertical juice channels.  This means the grapes are never far from the point of extraction, and with electronic "pressure drop control" feedback system which bypasses less productive pressing steps, the result is higher overall juice quality with less solids in the must, reduced processing time and power and even maintenance costs due to the lower stress on the membrane. 


The Merlin 5100 has generated the most interest in NZ and is ideal for mid-size wineries.  More at















Swapping out original 2001 membrane before pre-vintage service

Scientific equipment

Rofin forensic light sources


Rofin Australia produce filtered light sources for highlighting biological evidence at crime scenes.  There are several PL500 Polilights (500 Watt xenon lamp) in NZ.  The battery powered LED Flare+II is the current hand-held model and each lamp (UV, 415nm, 450nm etc) has its own battery.


The Flare+ has detachable beam shaping filters for shoeprint illumination, and the option of charging batteries inside the closed case, in a vehicle.


InfraRed light sources are often used by fraud examiners for document examination. 


More at




Ohaus and T-Scale laboratory balances

An extensive range of portable and analytical balances down to 0.00001g resolution is available, in addition to platform scales used in the wine industry.  Also Ohaus pH meters, stirrers, rockers, shakers etc.


Calibration services (non-IANZ) to 0.00001g resolution also available, contact us for a quote.





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