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Portable Appliance Testing

For schools, this will be an annual test including tech blocks.   Records are kept for seven years including item description, location and details of any failures and action taken.   We provide a fixed quote for testing all electrical items at the school, as opposed to charging per item.  RCD sockets are included.


A small number of minor repairs such as replacement of plugs is typical.  Testing is thorough. 

We will never ask schools to commit to a three year maintenance contract because we believe these are anticompetitive, and our competitors who engage in this practice tend to be expensive.

Cluster groups are not as cost-effective as they were a few years ago, at least where we operate (Lower North).  The one day training courses that teach caretakers etc to do this work are very good, but the caretaker never really comes up to speed, and testing is often done in a box-ticking way.  Our fixed quote applies even if you only book us every second or third year.


Remedials:  Often while testing appliances we also check old electrical fittings; 1970s sockets in particular are prone to intermittent earth integrity.  Replacement of worn-out mains sockets, light fittings and switches as well as appliance repairs can often be done on the same day and these are quoted separately.  A compulsory Certificate of Compliance will be issued if any fittings are replaced.


Areas covered: Wellington, Horowhenua, Hawkes Bay

Bell system maintenance

Most schools have traditional red 6-inch bells and most of these are automated.  But there are still many schools that have manually operated bells, and someone has physically be in the office to flick the switch at all the right times.  We can install an Omron timer that will take care of that.  The timer is retro-fitted to the existing bell power supply, and set to operate the bells 7-9 times each weekday.  The only user intervention required is for: 

- switching the timer off for holidays,

- short-notice timetable changes based on weather, and  - resetting the clock for daylight saving. 

The original manual switch stays and can continue to be used for fire drills.

Standard system including installation: $950+GST.  Add $300 for PT interview option (rings at preset intervals, eg: 15 minutes).  Can also be set for lockdown events.


Wireless classroom PAs

These systems utilise a 2.4GHz headset mic paired with a receiver connected permanently to an amplifier.  Sound quality is better than FM (VHF).  Ideal for flexible learning spaces, speech/hearing impairment and small halls.  Headset mics use standard Android chargers.

$750+GST for two speakers and $950 for four including installation and spare headset mic.

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