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Scale / balance calibration service

Certification of all brands of analytical balances to 0.00001g (5dp) resolution including cleaning, pre and post service reports provided.  Also weighing platforms up to 150kg, and pH meters.

Balances and pH meters are $70 +GST per unit (up to 50kg) and $120 for scales up to 150kg.  Repairs to faulty equipment that requires parts or needs to be removed from site at extra cost, but at a very competitive rate.


Other scientific equipment

Service and repair of water systems subcontracting to Waterscience Ltd


Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

Electrical safety "Test & Tag" of all types of appliances including IEC cables, plugpacks, appliances and 3-phase machines and even RCD sockets.  Where items have failed they can be repaired or replaced, usually on-site.


Winery equipment

Pre-vintage maintenance of Willmes pneumatic wine presses since 2005; recently increased involvement in the wine industry by including scale and pH meter service. 


Sole Agencies


Willmes GmbH - Pneumatic wine presses made in Germany.  All Willmes wine presses have central-vertical juice channels  which is the most efficient method of extraction because 70-75% w/v extraction can be achieved at relatively low pressing pressure, resulting in less solids in the must (juice) and a higher quality finished product.

Rofin Australia - Forensic light sources used by Police Scene of Crime Officers.  Includes the 500 Watt Polilight with electronically selectable filters and the Flare + and Flare + II with super-bright LED arrays; a separate handpiece for each waveband.


Authorised dealer for Ohaus scales/balances and other Ohaus lab instruments including pH meters, centrifuges, incubating shakers etc.


​Emergency breakdown service available (Wellington, Wairarapa, Palmerston North) 24/7.

Call 027 4444499 or email for a quote or estimate.

Clients / Referees





NZ Police, AgResearch, GNS, NIWA, VUW, Massey, UCOL, EIT, over 70 schools, approx. 30 wineries, electronic equipment manufacturers.  Trade references provided on request.

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